Saturday, January 14, 2006

10 Things A Woman Should Know About

The source of this is unknown but I am grateful for the advice.
"Thank you", whoever compiled this.

1. Car park habits
Unlocking your car with the remote while still walking
towards it, is like picking fishes on the ground when the
shoreline recedes 500m. It's a disaster waiting to happen.
Unlock the car only when beside the car. To be safe, park
near traffic areas such as the escalator, lift lobby or
cashier counter. Don't talk on the phone as you walk
to your car or look for your keys while in the car park so
that you are more alert of your surroundings.

2. Handbag
If you MUST carry a handbag, make sure it's slung facing
the pavement. It is also recommended to walk against the
direction of traffic so you can see incoming motorists and
lessen the risk of handbag snatch theft.

3. As Always, Seek Attention
Better to be called a drama queen than queen of the damned.
Holler Help! to attract attention and never underestimate
the power of a female voice. Throw a rock at a car window
and set off the alarm if you have to, in order to attract
attention to ward off a threat.

4. Lock
Always lock your car as soon as you enter. Thieves and
robbers prey on stationary cars that have open windows or
are unlocked. Be more careful at quiet petrol pumps,
highway rest stops, traffic lights and parking lots.

5. Wedgie It
Violent crimes against women happen in the best and worst
hotels around the world. Predators may come as a hotel
employee or push their way through an open door. As with
home safety, never open a door unless you're certain the
person on the other side is legitimate. Always carry a
door wedge/doorstop with you when you travel. Place it
at the door when you're in the room to prevent forceful
entry. You'll be surprise how much difference a piece
of rubber makes.

6. Escape from Men
Escape is always the best option when threatened. If a
predator wants you to follow him into the car, try not to
because he obviously wants to leave the scene for a reason.
If it's a robbery, throw your handbag one way while you run
the other. Remember, material things can be gained back
but you only live one life.

7. Tourist Trap
Try not to look like a tourist when traveling alone. Leave
jewelry at home including necklaces, flashy earrings or
valuables. A diamond-studded Rolex is good for a gala dinner
but when traveling, you only need to tell time with a simple
watch. Never tell people you are alone in the hotel room or
even when in the office.

8. Choose Not So Blind Dates?
If you're going on a new date, tell your friends or siblings
where you are going. Never say yes to quiet parks and his
home (no matter how innocent your/his excuse may be). And
yes, even the cutest guys are capable of rape. Say NO! loud
and clear when you're feeling uncomfortable. Whenever possible,
use your own transportation to and from a date.

9. Don't be nice
As women, we are always trying to be nice and helpful. It may
be the right thing to do when the world was a safer place to be
in, but in these times, STOP IT! It may get you raped, or killed.
Remember, Ted Bundy the serial killer, was a good-looking, well-
educated man, who always played on the sympathies of unsuspecting
women. He walked with a cane, or a limp, and often asked for help
when he abducted his next victim.

10. Sixth Sense
Listen to it! It may be wrong, but would you risk being right?
If you have a nagging thought of someone is following you, look
around and walk faster. Jogging at dusk with headphones on can
dull your senses, so try to use them only on the treadmill. If
you see signs on unauthorized entry at home or office, get out
and get help. You don't want to walk into a robbery.


  1. I always take my servants with me for body guards. That makes me feel secure.

    Of course I also have a black belt in doggy martial arts. One bite on the Achilles tendon and any would be pick pocket will limp for life. grrrr.

  2. As women, we are always trying to be nice and helpful. It may
    be the right thing to do when the world was a safer place to be
    in, but in these times, STOP IT!

    I hear comments like this a lot here in Japan, back in the U.S., and elsewhere in the world. So why do you think "these times" are the way they are?

  3. too many rules take the joy and spontaniety out of life but sadly it's necessary.

    so is it really safer 'out there' rather than on some crocs-infested river? i know where i feel safe! ;o)

  4. wow. seems like u stay in crime city number one..

    Speaking of which, I read that KL has the second most crime, next to JB, the cowboy town.

    Wow.. do be careful.

  5. Good boy, Momo, wish we could have you around all the time. I know I would feel a lot safer.

    MM,I think every era has got its woes too. Those days they had Ted Bundy. What about Jack the Ripper much earlier? Then there were Roman Polanski and Woody Allen to emulate. Probably parents then boycotted their movies, I don't know. Which also brings to mind the Manson gang - gory crimes!

    On a lighter vein, sandwiches are not what they used to be these days, I suppose. haha.....

    What do you think?

    Dear, dear louyau - these are the sweetest two words on a Monday morning! Well, good morning to you. Congrats again on your award. Still on Cloud 9?

    Hey people, go to Mikel's blog and check out what he's won. Go on!

    FH2o, one can't be too careful, especially for the weaker gender.

    So now it's down to pseudo-crocs vs real crocs, eh? You know what? I'd still settle for tackling the former. Good try!

  6. Robin, KL crime city number one? If stats show that, then it must be true.

    There's been an influx of foreign nationals of late. I'm not saying they're baddies but to some extent it may have some bearing on the crime rate plus crooks are getting smarter and bolder. One just has to be extra cautious and take precautions so that one does not end up in the stats.

    This brings to mind a funny episode. Just the other day, a motorbike stopped smack in front of me. That got me glued to the spot clutching my bag tigher. I stared at him and he at me and this went on for several seconds then finally I asked him what he wanted.

    It turned out he just wanted to get into his house - I happened to be walking in front of his front-gate.

    That episode cracked me up. See how paranoid all this crime thing has got to me? These days, when I'm walking on the road and when I hear a bike behind me, I would turn around and face him, just in case.

    Robin, thank you for your concern. It is much appreciated.

  7. yeah...
    KL nowadays kinda chaotic

  8. Jellyfish, ya lor, esp on Sunday. Have you ever been downtown on that day? Wohhhhhhh!! the number of foreigners there. It's incredible!

    Can't blame them really as Sunday is the only day they get off from work and the only day they could run errands or meet up with friends.

  9. Bring a dog with u if you can...

    err..bodyguard mar!

  10. Hi Winn, good idea except that dogs are not allowed in certain places where we go. So, I guess we, ladies, have to be very careful lor, right?

  11. Great tips on survival. Some are common sense and work well for men too but we all need the reminder once in a while. Bad things always happen when we least expect it.

  12. Hi Agus, you're right that some are common sense but I'd never have thought about item 5 - packing a door wedge. Neat idea.

  13. woman the weaker gender?
    u have obviously not met miriam my fellow kayaker! she is the 'most gallant lady' JB (pro kayaker, in his own words) has ever met; on our chiangmai expedition. she is much much tougher than me - mentally and physically; and hey I'm in pretty good shape but lame compared to her lah!

  14. FH2o, we have to 'pretend' to be the weaker gender mah. Otherwise how else will we ever get to be pampered and protected?! ;)

    I'm sure Miriam is a great kayaker but thank you again. hahaha...

  15. i seldom go right in the middle of the city...

    as u said.. many foreigners, not those u knowwhat i mean types...

    those like lepak lepak types
    kinda dangerous lar

  16. Jellyfish, the lepak-lepak types as you call them just look scary to us because they are foreigners. In reality, they're quite harmless as it's their offday and they're just there to unwind or pass away their time on their offday. I believe nothing to worry about.

  17. Wah! We can all learn to be break-ins criminals from your blog as there are adverts everwhere for "Lock Picking Tools"!!!

    We are all much better paddlers than Miriam but she is tougher than all of us put together! Its her toughness; nothing to do with kayaking.