Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Kind of Christmas Card Are You?

Yay, Christmas is just days away! For you who are celebrating this holiday, this must be a busy week running around to ensure you get everything you need. Sent out your cards yet?

Speaking of cards, let's do a Christmas card quiz this week, shall we? This will be the last Christmas-related quiz before this holiday is over. Take the quiz to find out what kind of Christmas Card you are.

Happy Friday!
Merry Christmas!

You Are a Cute Christmas Card

You love the holidays, and it's hard for you to feel any sort of seasonal burnout.

You're the person who thinks the holidays don't start soon enough. You have your Christmas cards picked out months in advance.

The holidays make you feel happy and content. You're tickled by every gift you receive and every old friend you reconnect with.

You are a thoughtful gift giver, and you take the time to make each object you give unique and special. You like to see someone's eyes light up when they open your present.

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  1. same same, i am also a cute christmas card.. hehe!!

    but i don't celebrate christmas so Q3 and Q4 just simply hantam and that may not give an accurate analysis..

  2. Same, same? Alright!

    Hey, no worries, afterall these are just for fun, right?

  3. Merry Christmas!! : )

  4. Oh! I am also a Cute Christmas Card!

  5. Merry Christmas HS :)

    1. also says cute Christmas card

  6. A Blessed & Holy Christmas, joy, peace and love to all.