Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking for a Fender Custom guitar?

If you are looking for a guitar, say a Fender Custom, you would probably go online looking for the best guitar you can find - best both in price and its match to what you are looking for.

Fender Custom Time Machine Stratocasters are easily available online at many reputable sites. Of course, one has to be somewhat well-versed on these musical instruments to be able to tell the better versions of such guitars.

The site I happened to stumble upon, has a number of great reviews on the Fender guitar shown here. Just a quick one, this reviewer said the following:

This is the finest Strat I have ever played. The combination of the quartersawn neck, the hand wound Abby 69 pickups, and the resonant body, make this guitar incredible. I wouldn't sell it for 5x what I paid brand new.It's funny and very obvious that all the haters posting in regard to this guitar have never owned one, and clearly don't get it. If you are comparing a MIJ guitar with parts to this CS 68, you haven't got a clue.

Well, whatever you are looking for, I hope you get what you want. Happy shopping!

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