Sunday, April 19, 2015

Male and female audiences segregated during concerts

Going to concerts in Malaysia will no longer be the same anymore from now on..

The Star reported that

Jakim wants male and female audiences segregated during concerts

"Males and females are to be segregated during concerts, according to a new set of guidelines drawn up by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

In a section dealing with the organisation of entertainment events, Jakim said programmes should not allow "mixing (percampuran) of males and females in the audience".

The guidelines were endorsed during the 107th National Fatwa Committee Meeting held on Feb 10-11 this year.

It also specified that concert organisers should not allow mingling (pergaulan bebas) between men and women during practises and rehearsals.

Additional concert guidelines introduced were that there should be no ritualistic elements, signs or symbols contrary to Islamic teachings, either directly or indirectly; acts that are prohibited in Islam or vices, or things that can lead to such situations and circumstances that leads to chaos or disruption of public order.

The 2007 edition listed six guidelines for concerts, and there are 11 in the latest set.

Also listed were concert guidelines covering songs, video clips, lyrics and performances."

Image source: The Star


  1. Nobody wanna go concerts anymore, and no foreign artists want to perform here anymore.