Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Frolics - What's Your Introvert Strength?

Find out what's your introvert strength today. Happy Friday, everyone!

Kuala Lumpur is sunny today. Blue skies, white clouds. The share market is up. I made some money today. Woot! Down south in Singapore, Singaporeans are snapping up the Ringgit, emptying money changers stash. Yesterday the exchange rate hit a high of 2.7234, i.e., S$1 = RM 2.7234.

From The Star:

Macquarie analyst Somesh Kumar Agarwal has said the weakening of the Ringgit would affect tourist arrivals to Singapore and, in turn, potential revenues from the mass-market segment of Singapore's casinos.

Malaysians are among Singapore's top mass-market foreign gamblers, so the weak currency will put a dent in the high- stakes gaming business.

But Singapore shoppers to Malaysia are not complaining despite Malaysia's new 6% goods and services tax kicking in on April 1. With an exchange rate favouring the Singdollar, items like milk powder, cooking oil and diapers still cost about the same.

Good for you if you are making Sing dollars and spending it across the Causeway in Johore.

Your Introvert Strength: Consideration

You are a very thoughtful person, and you consider all your options carefully before acting.

You do your best to minimize harm in this world with the things that you do, and this includes harm to yourself.

You may live a fairly normal life, but that's by choice. If people only knew the options you've weighed.

You sometimes overthink things, and for you that's part of the fun. It feels good to pour over every detail.

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