Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Premier table linens for sale or rental

Looking for table cloths or other table linens? Premier Table Linens would be the site you would want to check out.

Premier Table Linens is a premier leader in table linen including tablecloths, overlays, napkins, table runners, chair covers, sashes, table skirts and fitted tablecloths and more. Just to give you an idea of their range of stocks, their fitted tablecloths, for example, come in every size with up to 74 different colors!

To serve their customers better, they now have five major operations, i.e.
- table linens and table skirting sales
- table linen rentals for weddings and special events
- Burlap products for which they have an entire Premier Burlap Boutique store dedicated to Burlap and Faux Burlap
- Spandex table linens and all Spandex products
- custom printed tablecloths, custom printed table skirts, digital printed banners and many more custom printed products and they have a professional team dedicated to this department as well.

Just for table skirting rentals you will find 17 exquisite line fabrics to choose from. However if you are buying you will be even spoilt for choice with their offering of 38 fabrics. Don't just take my word for it, check out their easy-to-navigate site and be amazed at their range.

Premier Table Linens offers the most competitive prices both retail and wholesale. This is their 10th year of business and right now there is an offer of 40% on a number of selected fabrics. For further savings don't forget to check out their Premier Clearance section.

This award-winning table linen company has got you covered indeed. Happy shopping!

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