Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Frolics - Find the Hidden Panda

It is another hot day here in Kuala Lumpur. The weatherman at Google recorded a temperature of 30deg C or 86deg F as at 10 this morning. See, no bluffing, one!

But then again, the weather is usually like this - so hot, and dry, and windy - during this time of the year, i.e, around Chinese New Year, which if you are counting is just nine days away. Hurray!

If you find the heat quite unbearable, do like what many people do, go out to the mall - where the aircon is good and the shopping even gooder (read better). The heat is too much outside for you to venture out? Ok, never mind, stay in and see if this week's Personality Quiz would cool you down somewhat it being a Winter scene and all.

Here's a snow-field of our favourite character in Winter. But wait, there's an 'odd man' out there among them. See if you can spot him ('her' is nursing their new-born cub at the Zoo). See if you can spot another black-and-white cutie among the snowmen He is Mr Panda. Ssshh, if you have already played this, don't spill the beans.

Clue? Come back on Monday and I'll tell you. Happy looking!


  1. Lol...friend jz whatsapps me this pic.

    Yea crazy weather...sekejap hot like crazy then suddenly rain