Wednesday, March 22, 2017

P Ramlee would have been 88 today

Opening Google today brought up a surprise Google doodle.

If P Ramlee is still alive today, March 22, he'd be 88 years old.

The Google doodle depicts a caricature of P. Ramlee sitting in the director's chair holding a megaphone and a music sheet. Beside him is a guitar.

It symbolises his achievements in the Malaysian entertainment industry as an actor, director, singer, songwriter, composer and producer with more than 60 films and 250 songs to his credit.

P Ramlee on Wikipedia..

Tan Sri Datuk Amar Teuku Zakaria Teuku Nyak Putih (Jawi: تاوكو زكريا تاوكو ڽق ڤوتيه), commonly known as P. Ramlee (22 March 1929 – 29 May 1973) was a Malaysian film actor, director, singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. Due to his contributions to the movie and music industry and his literary work, which began with his acting debut in Singapore in 1948 to the height of his career then later moving to Malaysia in 1964 onwards to his death, he is regarded as a prominent icon of Malay entertainment; with his fame even reaching as far as Brunei and Sumatra, Indonesia as well as in Hong Kong and Japan.


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