Sunday, April 1, 2018

A is for Air Asia

The A to Z Blogging Challenge begins today! Exciting month ahead.

For the month of April, my posts here will primarily be on Malaysia, the theme I chose to write about for the Blogging Challenge this year. Welcome to Malaysia!

And let the Challenge begin!

A.. can be for many nice things in Malaysia but I have chosen Air Asia, but of course.

The World's Best Low Cost Airline is Malaysia's very own Air Asia. They have been the Best for the 9th year in a row. You read it right. This was revealed at the 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards held at the Le Bourget Airport in Paris, France in June last year, 2017.

When Air Asia has a Mega Sale, at least once or twice a year, I have lost count, one is able to travel with a '0' fare ticket to selected destinations. You only need pay surcharges. Now Everyone Can Fly so says Air Asia.. it's even on their aircraft livery.


Malaysia has seen an increase in air travel for leisure - in and around the country as well as overseas because of the availability of cheap airfares, thanks to Air Asia.

Imagine going to Johore Bharu, Bali, Hua Hin or Xian for as low as RM 29! For perspective, that's roughly USD7.50. Or visit Seoul, Jeju, or Busan for as low as RM 249 (below USD65)! Incidentally, these are their current offerings for a travel date later this year. See image below. For more information, visit the Air Asia website.

Ahem... a little digression here, a pretty picture no less. AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Fernandes married his Korean girlfriend, Chloe, in France.

B... comes up tomorrow. See you then.

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  1. I haven't used this airline before, but a free flight is very tempting!