Sunday, July 21, 2019

Petronas Twin Towers.. by Cesar Pelli

If you have been to Kuala Lumpur, chances are you would have visited our iconic Petronas Twin Towers which are conveniently located in the city centre itself.

And if you are planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, these iconic twin towers are certainly not to be missed. A visit to KL (short for Kuala Lumpur) isn't complete without setting foot at KLCC, commonly referred to in place of Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Lots of shopping for starters and a whole lot of other activities in the vicinity as well besides gawking at the buildings from inside and out. I guarantee it.

You can also go to the viewing levels at 41 and 42, at the Skybridge, for a bird's eye view of the city. And there's the aquarium called Aquaria, a science centre called Petro Sains, there's a concert hall, home to our Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. There is a Convention Centre in the vicinity and for hotels, there is Mandarin Oriental and Traders Hotel, both award winners in their category. The SkyBar at Traders Hotel is popular with tourists and locals alike.

A glimpse of SkyBar at Traders and the view outside it..Source
At KLCC, there's a huge park for a stroll or a jog or even a run as well as a wading pool to enjoy some water frolicking for kids mostly. There's also a fountain out front, a musical fountain with special lighting effects at night. And much more one can see and/or do at KLCC. Come see for yourself.

These iconic Petronas Twin Towers look even better at night. By the way, they remain the tallest twin towers in the world to this day, though for a while they were the tallest buildings in the world.

I'd like to pay tribute here to Cesar Pelli, architect behind Petronas Twin Towers, who had died, aged 92.

His famous works include the World Financial Center in New York, Canary Wharf Tower in London and renovation work on New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

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More images of Petronas Twin Towers.. for your viewing pleasure.

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