Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Frolics: Senses Challenge

This week's Friday Frolics is to challenge your Senses. Put your senses to the test in this fun quiz of 20 timed questions. Enjoy yourself and at the same time, learn some facts along the way. Ready, go Senses Challenge .

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  1. This test beat me senseless.

  2. Happy Frolicking Friday, Happysurfer!! XOXO! I'm too beat to take any more tests though..

  3. PandaB said:

    This test beat me senseless.

    LB said:
    I'm too beat to take any more tests..

    And I say: The beat goes on.. - tomorrow we'll see a50,000-strong crowd gathering at the British High Comm, as someone in a letter to the papers puts it, "to hand over a petition addressed to the Queen requesting her assistance in appointing a QC to fight a case filed against the British Government.

    The legal fees have been estimated at 5million GBP. The organizers (of the march) are expecting the Queen to fund the money to finance their case against her government."

    All I know is that I'm staying away from that part of town - the Jalan Ampang area.

  4. Amazing what gets reported and what does not around the world. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

  5. PandaB, while you are it, you may want to google 'Bersih'. This was another assembly of folks on Nov 10 made up of various races requesting reformation of the electoral system, I believe.