Friday, May 1, 2009

70% Discounts at Jaya Jusco

Is your home like a museum filled with pictures and paintings on the wall or are you like some people, wary about not 'spoiling' the wall with nails and stuff?

I believe a house is not a home until you have cozied it up with homely paraphernalia or items close to your heart, including a tv stand that supports the item that gives you hours and hours of enjoyment which could also turn you into a couch-potato of major proportions.

Going shopping for your home? I imagine now is a good time. I saw 70% discounts in the home-furnishing department of Jaya Jusco. Was so tempted to part company with my money for something I don't really need (yet).


  1. intersted in jaya jusco voucher ?

  2. Thanks. Will let you know if I do.