Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cute Cat Moments

Cats do the darnedest things. Watch..

10 Cutest Cat Moments - The most amazing bloopers are here

What's the funniest thing or aww-moment act your pet has ever done?

Me? I don't have a pet but I remember a neighbour used to have a duck, a drake, actually, and we used to play tag with him when we were kids. No kidding! Whenever we saw him passing by we would call out "Itik gila, itik!" (translated as "crazy duck!"). He would swiftly waddle towards us and we would all split in different directions. And after he caught up and pecked one of us, we would all chase him in return and this would go on for a few more rounds until he or we gave up. Fun times. No idea what happened to Mr Drake in the end. He probably ended up in my neighbour's cooking pot. hmm..


  1. Had a flowerhorn fish before, used to do so many funny antics like flip-flopping and stretching the mouth XD

  2. nice vid!
    aww-moments my pet done?
    im always not at home.. lol.. =D

  3. Cats are cute huh! Ha :D Wish I could keep one and watch their antics.

  4. These cats are beyond cute! I love them, I wish they were mine. I would love them to death. The number 1, 8,9 and 10 made me laughed so hard. I used to have cats when I was still at secondary school. I bet they hated me 'cos I loved to disturb them a lot :o)

    Thanks for sharing this video.