Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bedroom makeover with Donna Karan Home products

Buying designer labels does have its benefits. Price aside, designer goods are of high quality in texture, exquisitely-designed and crafted, aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes and they are durable. In other words, all things considered, the price we pay for designer labels is unquestionably justified.

Looking for nice bedding and bathroom accessories? Check out is committed to providing their customers with the finest in luxury bedding, bath accessories and window treatment products.

Donna Karan's philosophy has always been about creating a lifestyle environment. What she aims for is to have products that can go from one room to the next, for example, a throw for the bed that can be wrapped around your shoulders on a cool night, or pillows that go from the bedroom and transform a living space when used on the floor as extra seating. Her collections are inspired by her travels and defined by luxe. What sets Donna Karan's creations apart are the couture details of hand embroidery, silks, velvets and textured cottons.

So, you want an instant makeover for your bedroom or guestrooms? Let Donna Karan Home bedding create an instant makeover for you. Happy Shopping!

While you're at it, you may want to check out their bath accessories which have the capacity to transform your bathroom into a place where function meets style.

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  1. My room has to be simple and cosy. :D So don't need to add anymore stuff. :p