Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Royal Wedding next year - Prince William and Kate Middleton

Thirty years after the fairy-tale nuptials of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, though with an unhappy ending, Britain will finally have another big royal wedding: its dashing helicopter-pilot prince - second in line to the throne - will marry the lovely commoner who may someday become queen.
Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton have been sent congratulations from around the world after announcing their engagement. They have been together for eight years after meeting while students at St Andrews University, Fife.

The Queen said she was absolutely delighted for them both, while Prince Charles said he's thrilled and joked, "They've been practising long enough."

Their wedding will be held next spring or summer, revealed the couple, both 28. The prince proposed while on holiday in Kenya in October.

The engagement ring was his mother's, engagement ring, a distinctive sapphire and diamond engagement ring - a £30,000 ring consisting of 14 diamonds surrounding a sapphire. Jewellers say they have already had orders for copies of the engagement ring.
Bookmaker Paddy Power has made Saturday, 13 August 2011 the 3/1 favourite for the date of the royal wedding. Princess Diana married Prince Charles on 29 July 1981. Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose the same date? Left to be seen..

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  1. I love these bookmakers, they can bet any ANYTHING under the sun. =p

    Hope the royal couple will have a fairytale ending. ^_^

  2. "Will Prince William and Kate Middleton choose the same date?"

    I'm sure they don't want the same fate as Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

  3. yeah, i saw that on CNN just now.. that would be a happy news for England definitely.. and he's already 28!!! my impression of him still stays back in those days he's still a boy.. haha!!

  4. Shingo, bookmakers make life fun, don't they?

    Yeah, my best wishes to the royal couple.

  5. KS, you're right, of course. There's always that dark cloud.

    Marriages are not always made in heaven, are they?

  6. SK, indeed, time flies. That image of the cute little boy at Princess Diana's funeral is deeply imprinted in our mind, isn't it?

  7. The French knew what to do with Royals. It was called the guillotine.

  8. Well, I hope their marriage last : )

  9. Yes I saw the whole footage on television. It was great experience and I wish them good luck for their future too. I hope they will make a perfect couple and their marriage will last forever. I really like the wedding ring that Kate is wearing.