Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tossing the Yee Sang for a better year ahead

The activity of tossing the Yee Sang (raw fish salad) is termed to Lo Hei or Lo Sang, in the Cantonese dialect, which is the lingua franca in Kuala Lumpur. For those of you who have done the Lo Hei, what did you normally wish for?

Lo Hei or Lo Sang means to prosper so it is customary for 'tossers' to wish for a myriad of good tidings while tossing the dish. The things tossers ask for and especially the way it is worded can be rather amusing. It's a lot of fun Lo Hei, actually, and the activity builds commaraderie because everyone at the table takes part in it.

Lo Hei wishes can include from the common getting a fat bonus and better increment to striking the lottery, making money at the share market, good health, children doing well at school, adding a new bundle of joy to the family, and so forth. Whatever is good will be brought out afterall Chinese New Year festivities is a time to start afresh for the new year, and starting off with all things good and positive hopefully will ensure a good year ahead.

Generally, Gong Xi Fa Cai is the usual greeting. For newly-weds, friends and family would add an additional greeting for the presence of little feet in the coming year. A neighbour down the road must have had the greetings come true as she is not only expecting a baby but twins. Isn't that cool? I hear there is going to be a boy and a girl too.

I met her and her husband at the supermarket the other day and noticed the size of her stomach. The supermarket floor looked shining and smooth. I sure hope the floor tiles are of the non slip and non skid type for the sake of ladies on the family way and the elderly. A mis-step would be hazardous for anyone.

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