Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Malaysian stock market - opportunity to buy

Do you invest in the stock market? Could this be an opportunity to pick up more stocks?

From The Star:

With the FBM KLCI having dropped by close to 50 points over the last two days, some analysts are seeing a buy opportunity emerge, as prices of blue chips and certain stocks in the oil and gas, property and consumer sectors retrace to attractive levels.

Analysts said that the drop in the last two days was driven mostly by sentiment, rather than real fundamental concerns.

On Monday, the FBM KLCI fell 2.4% or 40.81 points on a volume of 1.83 billion shares valued at RM2.6bil.

This was the single largest daily loss since October 2011.


  1. Bought Dutch Lady, but it dropped further after my purchase :(

  2. The uncertainty of erection oops election not able to erect the market but dampens the local bourse instead giving investors/speculators no confidence.

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