Friday, February 6, 2009

Buying Watches Online

Do you own watches like you own dresses? Seriously, this is a valid question as I have friends and colleagues who do own tons of watches, one to go with every outfit. Of course I am exaggerating but these ladies do own a very wide selection of watches of every shape and size and every colour imaginable.

Recently, I came across this website,, and noticed that their watches cost less than if we were to buy them from the shops here, so I recommended that they check it out if they are still expanding their collection.

Kenmarwatches carries the largest selection of brand name watches from Andy Warhol to Calvin Klein, to Seiko, to Suunto watches to Pirelli to Victorinox Swiss Army, to Tissot, Dolce & Gabbana, Harley Davidson (you didn't know they have watches too, did you?), to you name it.

The site is easy to navigate with simple instructions on how to order, their pricing policy and great testimonials from happy customers. Customers can search for watches in specific style categories, such as Dive watches, Chronograph watches and sports watches.

So, if you too are into watches for yourself or as gifts, be sure to check out

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