Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heaviest UK snow in 18 years

For us over here, the closest we ever get to getting snow is hailstones, though I have not experienced this weather condition. The few times when it happened, I was indoors and was not even aware of it.

Unusual weather is not unusual, more so these days of global warming. London yesterday saw the heaviest snow in 18 years disrupting not only air travel as buses were taken off the road.

Flights from the three London airports of Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick have either been cancelled or delayed. London's famous red buses were pulled off the roads on Sunday night as the snow got deeper. The city's subway system was also experiencing severe delays, leaving normally bustling central London something of a ghost town.

What good would a snowball be if it is that big, eh? Here is a picture of a group of men pushing a giant snowball across Kensington Gardens, west London Monday.

If you are in that part of the world, I hope you are keeping warm and staying safe. Mick, you are in my thoughts.

Source: CNN.com


  1. So much snow in UK, and here in Malaysia so much rain! Extreme weather - is that a sign of global warming?

  2. My aunt called and told me London was practically at a standstill. :(

    Hopefully one day, the world will really wake up to the importance of saving our planet.


  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wow...that's one giant snowball! I am just thankful we don't have to endure the cold here...I am all for warm weather.

  4. MBL, warm weather is my cup of tea too. Perhaps we both need to grow sideways a little, eh? Oops!

    Pete, I think in certain aspects, the Earth is beyond saving but I sure hope I am wrong.

    Foong, global warming, you can say that again. I remember we used to get strong, howling winds a month or so before Chinese New Year but these past few years have been devoid of such strong winds. Times they are a-changing, alright.

  5. In Singapore, we have been getting strong cool winds for the past few months already since November 2008.

    This cold air from the North is blowing all the way down here.

    On certain nights, the temperature can drop to 26 degrees Celcius. The lowest it ever goes is 24 degrees. Like natural air-con heh?

    By the way, Genting Highlands is no longer as cooling cold as it used to be right?

  6. Wow! That's nice. We've not been so lucky. It's been terribly hot most days and no strong winds whatsoever and I know strong winds if I see one. We used to see papers and stuff being blown about or flower pots being toppled off their perch. These days, no such excitement.

    As for Genting Highlands, daytime may not be as cold as those days, but night-time is still chilly to the point where you'd still grit your teeth out in the open. I'd still advise to be suitably dressed when visiting Genting Highlands, especially children and seniors.

    Have you been to Cameron Highlands lately? I've been told that with so much development lately, it's not that cold there anymore. I haven't been there for years but planning to be there in a few months time. Will update then.

  7. love the snow ball pic. sometimes its nice to see & experience snow.... but at times, i think we are blessed too to have such a good sunny weather all year round :)

  8. Amen to that, QC. LOL