Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Glamour Test

This is a simple test but the results tell a lot. Check it out..

Have a glamourous weekend, y'all!

You Think That Intelligence is Glamourous

You find nothing more disappointing than a gorgeous person who is completely vapid. You can't respect anyone who doesn't exercise his or her mind.

There's something incredibly appealing about someone who can speak intelligently about any subject at any length.

You also appreciate people who are well mannered and well behaved. Politeness goes a long way for you.

The most glamourous people you know totally have it together. Allure is never skin deep for you.


  1. oh, this is absolutely what i have in mind..

    You Think That Confidence is Glamourous

    You admire someone who can walk in to a room completely underprepared and wrongly dressed yet still own it. Glamour doesn't have anything to do with how much money you have or how fancy you look. It's all about what you've got going on with your attitude. The most enchanting people have taken a good look at themselves and accepted who they are. True confidence comes from high self esteem. You believe that you can't be truly loved and respected until you love and respect yourself.

  2. Bananaz missed this Friday frolics? Howcome??? Yeah sama as [SK] ~ You Think That Confidence is Glamourous. tQ~;).