Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Frolics - Are You a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book?

Reading is a good pastime and you don't need company to do it. Anyone who enjoys reading has no qualms about spending time alone or will never be short of a meaningful activity. However, with all that merry-making during this Chinese New Year holiday, this is one holiday certainly not meant for reading but more for interaction and catching up with friends and family.

It is a good change, at least for one occasion in a year. This first personality quiz of the new lunar Year of the Dragon is about reading, or rather whether you are a Hardcover Book or a Paperback Book. There is no right or wrong answer, just different. Enjoy the quiz..

You Are a Hardcover Book

When it comes to reading, you tend to stick to old and modern classics. You are picky about what you read.

You probably anticipate certain books' releases, and you snatch them up the moment they're available.

You have been building a library of books that mean a lot to you. You carefully consider every book before deciding to add it to your collection.

You believe that if a book is worth reading, it's worth paying more to have it in hardcover.

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