Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Modern day Maternity dresses

At breakfast this morning, the moms were happily talking about their babies and children, and clothes. We all (guys included) agreed that maternity dresses of today are certainly not what they used to be, frumpy and boring.

Nowadays, mothers-to-be have a wide choice of better-looking maternity dresses that can take them from day to night functions. Take the dresses in the picture below, for instance. Don't they look attractive? Good enough even for the catwalk.


  1. wow...these maternity dresses sure trendy

  2. During my time, I wore T-Shirt and pants only Coz most maternity dress makes me looks like a whale :p

  3. Never needed and never will need maternity dresses, but ... they look so cool and comfortable! Can non-maternal types wear them too? ;)