Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bustling Port Dickson

Kuala Lumpur being located inland provides little or no real opportunity for sunset views on ground level. Fortunately for highrises, beautiful sunsets can still be viewed though not over the horizon.

Port Dickson, a coastal town southwest of KL provides great sunset views however. Just an hour's drive from the city, PD as it is commonly-known, is now seeing a lot of development with a coastline now lined with hotels and holiday resorts.

Just like oak island nc real estate, Port Dickson real estate is now much in demand. This little town once laid back and quiet is now bustling with holiday-makers and an increasing local population. Have you been to Port Dickson lately? You would be surprised at how lively it is now.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Port Dickson? No wonder you're missing in action. True lah...what I said. Sure you're off somewhere for the weekend, at some beach resort, lying on the sand, basking in the sun like a seal... Have fun there, enjoy yourself!!!

  2. Ya PD now have a lot of actions already

    Dont say PD la. The neach in Kuala Tregganu last time are like deserted island. Now are full of beach activities

  3. When migrated to KL missed the beaches in Penang and grumbling need to travel so far to PD but when back to Penang never go near the beach at all. Very 'mao toon' huh. Never step into the pool at my flat though was there for 10 years. Think worried to get red eyes after the dip.