Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tracking company data and progress

If you are looking for a balanced scorecard and dashboard solution for tracking key metrics and business performance, you'd want to be looking for one that is not only robust, it has to be easy and flexible.

Easy as in the software is able to be deployed within weeks instead of months and end-users just need little minimum training to learn up the system.

As for being flexible, the software must be able to conform to changing data information and business needs as well as the ability to accommodate data exploration through visualization and maximum self-service.

Being robust is a given. The software must be able to satisfy the demands of power users and adapt to any organization regardless of its size.

There are many balanced scorecard and dashboard solution softwares available in the market but one that fits what's mentioned above worth checking out is the InetSoft's dashboard scorecard. Their website says it can be easily deployed and used.

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