Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Frolics - What Cooking Show Are You?

This week's Friday Frolics personality quiz is about Cooking. The two reality television cooking competitions that I'm familiar with are Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef so when this quiz says I'm Iron Chef cooking show, I had to look it up.

I'd give this a 3 rating..

Rating Guide
1 = Absolutely not true
2 = Some truth
3 = 50% true
4 = Mostly true
5 = Close to 100% true

Happy Friday! Hey, we had sunshine today. :)

You Are Iron Chef

For you, food is an adventure - the crazier the better!

You may not be the world's greatest chef, but that doesn't stop you from coming up with your own zany creations.

You are an adventurous eater, and you haven't been known to pass up an exotic ingredient or dish.

You are also a natural food critic. Very few dishes measure up to your standards.


  1. but i don't cook at all.. no idea how to choose from the options in the test, hahaha!!

  2. Bananaz no woking experience no show tQ

  3. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Mine has got to be...Bizarre Foods!!! LOL!!!