Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Email Sign Off Are You?

Nice, it's Friday again and the day of the week for a fun activity here - a Friday Frolics personality quiz. This week's quiz is about email sign-off. What are you? Take the quiz to find out.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone!

You Are Love

You are a naturally affectionate person, and relationships are very important to you.

You don't expect a lot of career fulfillment in your life. Instead, you're happy to put people first.

Of course, you don't sign every single email 'Love' - that wouldn't always be appropriate or welcome.

However, you have more people than any other type that you can sign 'Love' to. You have many close relationships.

You are a kind and compassionate person. You are easy to know and easy to communicate with.

You choose your words carefully and try to say the right thing. You want to connect with your communication.

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  1. i am CIAO??!! anyway, can't find the right answer for my case for most of the questions, so this analysis is not exactly true..

    I've got a great sense of humor and a real flair for writing quippy messages. In fact, it's likely that I email as little as possible. Texting is a lot more my style. I probably don't sign all my emails 'Ciao', but I write them in that spirit... if I write them at all. I keep things short and sweet. I don't want to waste time on wordy messages that people won't read anyway. I don't worry about getting an email right - or even responding at all. I just need to get my message across - one way or another. And to be honest, I find it a bit annoying when people send me long emails. I don't have the time or inclination to read them!

  2. Oh I am CIAO like SK too! Haha!! But it's true I hardy send email unless absolutely necessary. More of a text-er than a emailer haha!

  3. You are a touchy, feel-y type of person. You try to communicate as much emotion as possible in emails.
    You are big on using emoticons and punctuation. You don't want your words to get misinterpreted.

    Of course, you don't sign every email 'XOXO', but you take the time to pick a good sign off.
    More than anything, you like to mix up your greetings and sign offs a bit. You think email should be personal.

    Bananaz is XOXO;

    You love to see a full inbox, especially if it's emails from people you know. You love to trade messages.
    You have many digital 'pen pals.' You love to connect and catch up over email - the more in depth, the better.