Saturday, October 19, 2013

Why is a Clock not a good gift

A timepiece may be a good gift to give away except not a clock if your gift is going to a Chinese.

Why?  Because to give a clock figuratively means to send off someone, as in death. Choi! Choi! So you see, giving a Chinese person a clock is a definite no-no. But a watch is a-okay because the word for watch in Chinese sounds entirely different from the word for clock. I know, this sounds superstitious but, hey, we are Chinese!


  1. Nice time piece by raymond weil. Yeah taboo to Chinese coz of the homophones 'song zhong' ie sending someone off at the death bed but there are some exception but across the board it's a timely No-No.

  2. Good watches are too expensive for me to buy, and the ones I can afford might be regarded as an insult anyway! :D

    I'm just popping in to say hallo. I've been battling bravely with a heavy workload, so I've been neglecting other blogs (and my own!) rather badly.

    So. Hallo, HappySurfer! ^^ How are you?