Saturday, October 26, 2013

Shopping at the CIMB Fiesta

I wanted to get a replacement unit for a cooler that quit on me last month, so I went to the CIMB Fiesta which was held last weekend at Midvalley Megamall. Was surprised to see a queue already forming that early in the morning.  Very carnival-like the atmosphere was as you can tell from the decor. 

We joined the queue and were each given a catalogue so we could have an idea of what were available.  Upon registration, we received a  red eco-bag each.  Early birds were also able to get tokens for certain items at a further discount. I only knew about that much later and therefore was too late by the time I knew about it.  Oh well..

Bet you'd want to know what I bought, or rather used my credit card points to redeem, huh? Went with a girlfriend, so she was able to help me handle the three items that I came home with.

I got myself a (Khind brand) table-fan because I felt a cooler is not as durable as a good old-fashioned fan.  The cooler that quit on me was just a year old which I bought at last year's fiesta.  Tsk!  I hope to get better mileage from this fan which is not the conventional design that we normally see. This one is rather cute and not as big so it doesn't take up too much space.  I like. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty. Here's a picture from the box.

I also came away with a 20" light grey suitcase from House of Leather so I was practically walking the bag around the carnival. The third item was an impromptu decision. It's a cushioned square stool that was going for RM159 but sold for an earlybird price of RM39. I missed the earlybird offer but the lady was kind enough to let me have it for that discounted price. So, yay!

This is the new member, the recycle bag, that is living happily now with others in the heap of other eco-bags in my collection. You read right, collection, because inadvertently over time, the bags have become a collection of many different green bags and we are rather short of occasions to use them. However, they come in handy as giftbags so no complaints there.  Still, I would have preferred a better bag, something like those burlap gift bags or canvas bags that are both nicer and washable.

I bet you have your own grand collection of recycle bags. How do you make use of the bags or how do you store them? Come share, so that we can all learn of the creative ways you use your bags.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    That fan looks really nice! Hmmmm...I wonder if we can get it here - will have to look out for it. Don't mind one for myself.

  2. Yes it does and I'm happy with it. I'm sure you can get it in Sibu but if not you can always buy it here on your next trip to KL.

    Let me give you more details from the box the fan comes in. It says "Japanese Air Circulator and JAC 900" on the side of the box. The brand is KHIND as I mentioned above and I also added that it comes with a two-year warranty. I got this at the Harvey Norman booth so you can go to one of their outlets to check it out. They have a big outlet at KLCC/Suria. It's got a good price too. I paid the equivalent of RM97 in points. It could cost a little bit more in stores, I don't know. The box is not tall, I'd say it's about two third height of a 20" suitcase and perhaps two or three inches broader which makes it easy to hand-carry if you wish. So, happy shopping.