Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Frolics - What's Your Introvert Strength?

How time really flies. I just realised my last post was also a quiz, last Friday's frolic. Oops! Will have to do better.

This week's quiz is also interesting. Find our what's your introvert strength if you haven't a clue already. Yeah, who does!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Dateline: Kuala Lumpur..
The weather isn't pretty today - overcast. Don't leave home without it, the umbrella, that is.

Your Introvert Strength is: Depth

You have found a lot of meaning in your life... even if it seems very ordinary to outsiders.

You have hidden well developed depths that others don't see right away. You are quite guided by philosophy, spirituality, or religion.

There is usually a reason for doing everything that you do, and you understand why you get up in the morning.

You are guided by your values, and you find that you often know what the right thing to do is. And you actually do it!

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  1. Mine said "Your Introvert Strength: Consideration "

  2. wow.. my Introvert Strength is Selflessness!!! :D

    I am a generous and compassionate person. Whenever possible, I think of what I can do for others. I never give because I feel like I have to; it's something I want to do. I like to be helpful. I often notice the little ways that I can help and quietly put that help into action. I prefer not to be noticed or even thanked. Sometimes people wonder how I can be so selfless, but for me it's easy. Making someone else's day makes my day a little brighter.

  3. Princess is same as SK, selflessness wor..

  4. Bananaz is also "Selflessness"