Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspiration: Guest Rooms with 2 Twin Beds

Planning a guest room or looking out for ideas to redecorate your guest room? Below are some great options.

Inspiration: Guest Rooms with 2 Twin Beds
By Jane Blanchard

A guest room can be a great opportunity to let your creativity shine through. In thinking about what might be most comfortable for your future guests, allow us to suggest using twin beds. Twin beds are a versatile choice: couples can push them together if they wish, but single guests will be relieved not to have to share. Best of all, designing with them is just plain fun. See what we mean below.

Create an Oasis

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Even if you don't live at the beach, you can still create a vacationland feel in a guest bedroom. We love the sky-and-ocean color scheme here, and the natural materials in the headboards, blinds and ceiling fan recreate the feel of a rustic, seaside resort.

Keep It Simple

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Create a restful space with easy blocks of color. This style doesn't require a major paint job or fancy furniture; instead, the effect is all in the textiles. This is a great opportunity to experiment with color combinations you might not normally consider!

Awash in Color

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If you're really in love with a strong color, forget the fabric accents and go for the walls. This tutti-frutti combination of raspberry and orange sorbet shades somehow manages to be completely sophisticated. We love the patterns on the beds and just can't help feeling like this room was designed by a grown-up Marcia Brady.

Traditional Bed Frames

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Nothing says guest bedroom like a metal bed frame. We don't know why that is, but we love the look. Paired with some gorgeous pillows, luggage stands, and a luxe, shallow dresser, guests will feel as if they've stepped into a posh B&B.

Awkward Spaces Solved

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Chance are good that your spare bedroom is the one that no one wanted to take on permanently because of its size or some difficult-to-furnish feature. Twin beds can be creatively tucked into little nooks, and you can also spread them apart to maximize floorspace for other activities when guests aren't visiting.

Ingenious Murphy Beds

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Speaking of awkward spaces, what if you don't have a spare bedroom at all? The solution just might be a pair of Murphy beds built into your home office. We love that these are part of a larger storage system so that your books and treasures need not be moved every time you have overnight visitors.

Comfortably Close

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You know, there's no rule that says you have to put a nightstand or rug between those twin beds. If you're tight on space, you can place the beds close to each other, but not touching. Your single guests will appreciate this small separation just as much as a room's width. We love how the ultra-plush bed linens make this arrangement feel like a luxurious design choice instead of a small-space necessity.

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  1. simple and creative is the best. most comfort.

  2. Nice leh the design, my favourite gotta be that pink one!

  3. Wah..so nice..I want to sleep in every room..

  4. Wah..so nice..I want to sleep in every room..