Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Frolics - The Happy Pattern Test

Happy Friday, everyone!

And if you are in Kuala Lumpur this weekend and would like to experience something different, head on over to the 7th Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015.

Back to Friday frolicking..

Doing Your Own Thing Makes You Happy

You can't help but think outside the box. As far as you're concerned, you don't even know where the box is.

You have a delightful and colorful inner world. People would be stunned if they could see inside your head.

You get a lot of laughter out of life, and others are surprised by how easy it is to make you happy.

You have no desire to lead or follow. You prefer to not be a part of the crowd.

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  1. "The Unexpected Makes You Happy" quite true, routine sure bored me to death..tQ HS hv a nice weekend

  2. Always wanted to go check out the hot air balloon fiesta! have a nice day!

  3. Princess one is "Life Makes You Happy", the pink flower one with the white background :)