Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Resolutions

And while we are busy partying and saying our farewells to the
old year and hellos to the new, let's not forget the resolutions.
The ones that we made (and missed - so what?!) and new ones just
to keep up with our friends (maybe).

How about some hints here to help you get started...

1. This year, I resolve not to buy a single pair of designer
shoes - I'd buy two.

2. This year, I resolve to buy another kayak to add to the ones
I already have and which are parked at the neighbour's yard.

3. This year, I resolve to buy another Kipling bag, the so
stunning one in shocking pink.

4. This year, I resolve to ...(now you continue)

A toast...


  1. May 2006, the year of the Fire Dog, brings you joy, happiness, love, good luck and lots of money!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Dear Robin, may the same good wishes go your way too. Happy Holidays!

  3. 4. this year i resolve not to attempt washing my hair with detergent ....


    happies new year !! :)

  4. OK here goes ...

    4. This year, I resolve to take a nice photo of myself and put in on my profile!
    5. This year, I resolve to say "Yes! Yes! Please! Please! Thank You So MUCH!!" when an offer to go kayaking comes along.

    (now the rest of you continue!)

    Have a Happy New Year Happy!

  5. Winn, good girl! Then you won't go fishing in the rink. hehe...

    FH2o, good resolutions. Yeah, you need a nicer picture - one with two hats for instance. ;)

    Yes! Yes! Please! Please! Thank You So Much! go ahead and enjoy your New Year paddle. And don't forget the titanium one. Enjoy..

  6. happy - sorry but 'bin has a copyright on the 2 hats already!
    ahem; i'm refering to u dear with regards to the pic (or rather lack of it) in the profile ...

    ... titanium and spear guns!

  7. I resolve not to follow anyone else's advice when it comes to resolutions.


  8. FH2o, of course I heard you the first time - both resolutions. But I think I'm comfortable as it is. Remember, to each his own? Thanks for the offer though.

    MM, that's a good one. Everyone is unique so everyone's needs and priorities are different. Actually, I think resolutions are sometimes overrated. I wonder how many people fulfill all their resolutions each year.

  9. My Kipling Bag again... oops.. I have an electric blue one and guess it better stay at home.

  10. No, Robin, show it to us - so we can all attack it like a pack of wolves. Puhleeeeeeezzzzz? heheheheheh..........