Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Resolutions

Today is a fresh new year. Two thousand and eight! Yes! Happy New Year, y'all!

The new year spells new resolutions? Why do resolutions have to be made in the new year? Can they not be made in April or June or any other day or month of the year? Just wondering.

On a positive note, resolutions are something like a plan. You list down what you want or don't want and stick with it. If you will, this is part of the law of attraction at work. This is like willing things to happen. It's a powerful tool if put to good use.

The Olympics will be on this year, in China, on Aug 8. If you line up the timing numerically, it'll look like 08.08.08. Who knows, the opening ceremony may be timed thus: 08.08.08 at 08:08:08. Talk about feng shui. Freaky! Just my guess.
It's good to look forward and not back. I remember at a seminar, we were asked to write down the unfavourable things we wish to forget and then afterwards crush up the paper and trash it. This action is supposed to make us put our problems behind us. It's supposed to work on you, psychologically. Come to think of it, the mind is really not all complex. It can be easily manipulated, something like, you tell it and it does.

The trashing of old bad memories must have some truth in it, as in Times Square, New York, a huge shredder has been set up for people to get rid of what they intend to put behind them, as in good riddance. Check out video clip on Time Square Shredder. List of items people want to forget include bad relationships, a paid mortgage, a copy of a removed appendix and a list of obsessions.


Oh, by the way, I've adopted a pet pigglet - on the sidebar. I've named it Siew Pai Kuat. It's Cantonese and translates to Barbequed Pork Ribs, for obvious reasons. Noooooooooo......., of course not! lol


  1. Haha, love your Siew Pai Kuat!

    Happy New Year, one more time, HappySurfer!! XXX

  2. My resolution for this year is same as last year's - be healthy!

    Happy New Year...

  3. Don't get any funny ideas, okay? Siew Pai Kuat is not going into your oven. lol

    Happy New Year, LB!

  4. Hi KS. That's a good resolution - simple and practical.

    Best wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  5. Anonymous12:44 AM

    The piggy is so cute. When do you think he's ready? LOL. Just kidding.

    I am going to shred my latest credit card bills, phone bills, internet bills, all kind of letters that start with b. They are nasty!

  6. The piggy is cute, isn't it? I was told that it's easier and cleaner to rear pigs than cattle.

    Yeah, all bills are bad, big time.