Thursday, February 4, 2010

1Malaysia batik - new designs

Nice new improved batik designs for 1Malaysia, don't you think? Red and white. Reminds me of AirAsia. But then again, red and white is a pleasant combination on almost anything, including clothes. Looks like a good outfit to add to your wardrobe especially this Chinese New Year.

With our tropical weather, batik is a practical alternative to wearing a suit for official functions. It is a good idea to have a piece or two, just in case.

These are created by Kraftangan Malaysia and there is a choice of seven designs to choose from.

Image source: The Star


  1. So what's next? :D

  2. Those days when younger would say over my dead body to wear one. I just do not fancy any batik at all maybe then the design were not my taste *ahem* haha. Only time I wore them was in Gentings where it was compulsory then. But now looks like I have changed my thoughts and kinda accepted it.

  3. actually what is 1Malaysia, i still don't get it.. and it's like the whole nation is using this term as if it's a compulsory word in everything they do (another Wawasan 2020) .. i don't see any 1Malaysia elements in the batik really..

  4. Anonymous10:31 PM

    I think this 1M thing is turning into the M'sia Boleh slogan. I utterly dislike the latter one. Over-used and abused to smithereens.

    Sorry...just my personal thoughts.

  5. I'm kinda getting *up to here* with all these 1Malaysia thing. :(

  6. I see red, white, and blue. Where is yellow? then it will be just like Malaysia flag.

    I keep hearing 1Malaysia. Wondering what it is.

  7. Tekkaus, first the 1Malaysia concept then the batik and next you dress up and go to a ball. LOL!

    More to come that need our support.

    CheaHSan, true that the batik was nothing to shout about then. Yeah, I still remember the compulsory batik to enter the Gentings casino. Glad our Malaysian batik is much better looking these days. So, would you be adding the 1Malaysia batik to your wardrobe? I suppose you do attend more official functions now.

  8. SK, 1Malaysia is a concept to foster unity amongst the multi-ethnic rakyat of Malaysia meaning we should treat each other equally. In my opinion, Malaysians were more 1Malaysia years ago than now. New policies change all that. Sigh! And now, we are trying to get back to basics.

    You can read more about 1Malaysia on the Prime Minister's blog.

    Mei Teng, no need for apology. I do agree on what you said about Malaysia Boleh. It has become a joke somewhat.

    I hope 1Malaysia is different and we all need to support it to see it materialise. It's a long shot but it spells hope for the minorities.

  9. Lina, everything also 1Malaysia, eh? haha... But it's good for the people - everyone. It fosters harmony and equality ultimately.

    Ai Shiang, LOL! Look closer, there is yellow too.

    1Malaysia is basically a concept to foster unity among our multi-racial society. Check out 1Malaysia on the link above in response to SK's comment. And by the time you come back, it'll be a better Malaysia, let's hope.

  10. hi happysurfer

    im surprised that batik is still pretty much about in malaysia... its a pity that after the much hardwork put on batik malaysia, its now back again to where it was.

  11. Hi QC, batik has been around all the time except that it's not being promoted that much after the demise of the First Lady of the former Prime Minister. I like to go to official functions and see all those dazzling colours in silk.

    Are you reprinting your book? I think you should have a second edition. There are not many batik books available.