Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waistline Dilemma

Oops! I think I need to go on a food diet or maybe employ some diet aids. All these food feasts during the Chinese New Year, though joyous, are really not so good for the waistline. To make it worse, there are the jars and jars of delicious cookies in between meals.

But then again, Chinese New Year festival without all that fabulous food wouldn't be the same, would it? So, has it been a nightly "loh hei" for you, so far?

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  1. oh!! definitely i'm gonna join you for this!! hahaha.. have been eating too much since christmas~~ :p

  2. Eat first worry later after all its once in a year. (Wait..We say this every year since a decades ago..??haha) tQ

  3. Hahaha :D I thing a lot of us have this problem right?