Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gong Xi! Gong Xi! Gong Xi Fa Ta Cai!

Hi, Everyone! Greetings and best wishes again for a Happy, Healthful and Prosperous lunar new year!

For those of you who are celebrating this festival, hope you've had a great time with your family and friends and for the rest, hope your holiday and/or Valentine's Day was just as awesome!

Have you started work or are you keeping to the lucky day to start work schedule? hehe..

I know that when I go back to work, I'll be missing the presence of two colleagues who have decided to switch careers. Sad to see them go but life's like that - friends come and go. We can only wish them well when they leave.


  1. happy chinese new year!!

    i started work today already, but still very "peaceful" which i like the atmosphere a lot in the office.. hehe!! :p

  2. I start working next week. :)

  3. Happy Chinese New Year Of The Tiger! I start work on Friday : )

  4. Happy Chinese New Year!

    So quiet this morning - no jam at all. Bliss.
    Even at the office also so quiet.

  5. Considered started today as prospect called and need to prepare follow ups on the enquiry so might as well declare 'open work'.. "Hoi kung tai kart" haha..

  6. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I am off the whole week. Starting work next Monday :)