Friday, February 26, 2010

Bath Time is Fun Time

Animals are not having it any better in this heatwave. The Star took this picture of primates being hosed down by their keepers at the Malacca Zoo.

They are given more baths than usual to keep them hydrated in the current hot spell.

On a similar note, firemen are on the alert as heat wave threatens to worsen. There has been a number of fires of late. Many homes here are not insured. Home-owners would do well to seriously take some remedial action to rectify this, afterall free insurance quotes can be easily obtained.


  1. Hahaha :D I saw the photo this morning. Quite funny if you ask me. :)

  2. That's funny! I like bath time too. haha!

  3. Aahhh 'sifook sai'..

  4. Tekkaus, aren't they just so cute!

    Foong, wish you could do it more often, eh?

    CheaHSan, LOL!

  5. Great picture. We could use some heat up here in Japan this time of year.

  6. I like the way the monkey pose. =p

    If only kids are this happy when their parents ask them to bathe.

  7. PandaB, I know, it has been unusually cold this Winter, hasn't it? Take care.

    LOL! Cute, alright. Kids don't enjoy bath-time? They probably need to visit the Malacca zoo to get a lesson or two. hehe..