Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Sandwich Test

Somehow this week's personality quiz reminds me of the sandwich restaurant, Subway. Btw, did you know that Subway is an American restaurant franchise and is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates, Inc. (DAI)?

According to Wikipedia, Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with approximately 34,187 restaurants in 95 countries, 97 now according to the Malaysian Subway site. It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain globally and is the second largest restaurant operator globally after Yum! Brands (35,000 locations).

World travelers can expect the same high quality ingredients regardless of what nation they are visiting. You create your own sandwich with your choice of baked bread and variety of vegetables and condiments. Yum! In Malaysia, you can enjoy Subway sandwiches are a reduced price with their daily special. Have you tried a sub from Subway before? Now, take the quiz..

You Are Reasonable

You're the type of person who makes sound and logical decisions. You are very down to earth.

You're a bastion of sanity in this insane world, and people know that they can count on you.

You aren't likely to get swept away in the moment. You have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

You are modest and humble. You always keep your ego in check and sometimes wonder why others can't do the same!

Image source: Subway Malaysia site


  1. hey, same result here.. another bingo in two weeks back-to-back.. :p

  2. SK, whoa, so nice, I have company!

  3. Bananaz too would have a reason to be REASONABLE gimme 5!

  4. Cool! Here's a reasonable Banana(z)! :p

    Word verification is happy: gingingp