Wednesday, May 18, 2011

McDonald's Coupon - Buy 1 Free 1 McChicken, May 18 only

Save money, eat with a friend at McDonald's today, May 18.

From 11am to 12 midnight, McDonald's is giving away 1 free McChicken for every purchase of a McChicken. Simply print out the coupon below - black and white printout accepted - or here's a better image of the McChicken coupon.



  1. All of the burgers of MCD, i like Mc Chicken the most..thanks for the info,, will go and get one later with my son,,,,,,,,just nice for lunch

  2. redeemed mine alrady. :)

  3. oh thanks for the info!! but i'm now in the library without printer, haiz, miss the chance to redeem!! anyway, since tomorrow will be having McD (to get the pink glass), i think it's ok not to go for it today lor~~ :)

  4. You're welcome, Eugene. Enjoy your lunch with your little one.

    Lina, you sure are quick!

  5. SK, awww.... But you're right, a better meal awaits tomorrow. Pink can glass, did you say? haha.. looks like you are the one keeping tabs now.