Thursday, May 12, 2011

Strong earthquake near Lorca and Murcia, Spain

Source: BBC

At least 5 people have died from the 4.4 and 5.2 earthquakes today in the Murcia region of Spain. One woman died while walking past a ledge, which subsequently fell on her. We are waiting for reports on the other 4 deaths.

The Santiago church has been cordoned off. At least 2 buildings have partly collapsed in Lorca. The buildings are situated in the following areas:- one on the Galicia street and another in the neighborhood of La Viña, according to eyewitnesses.
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San Julian, epicenter location - Panoramio picture courtesy MBagyinszky -


  1. urgh, another quake!! looks like there's a major earthquake happening once a few days huh?? that's scary..

  2. Steve Jobs while launching iPad2 says he gonna name 2011 the year of copycats and can also be the year of the quakes. Phew saw your temp at 78F starting to 'freeze' now haha.

  3. Oh the quake also affected Blogger..?Glad to have the rain much earlier to cool down the temp and clear the haze. Have a weekend.

  4. It's quite scary 'coz the earthquake seems attacking one country by one country... Hope the earth is still fine for human to stay longer :-)

  5. Latest heard another quake hit Costa Rica..