Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Conference calling services to the rescue

We had a free round of teh tarik (pulled tea) this morning at breakfast, a small celebration, if you will. A colleague who was scheduled to attend a meeting in India, Mumbai to be exact, needn't have to make the trip afterall.

Everyone would jump at the opportunity to travel at company expense, right? Not this person. This colleague of ours does not like to travel and will try to get out of an overseas meeting if she can. She got her wish come true again. Her trip is scheduled for September which she has already made travel reservations for. Fortunately, tickets have not been issued so no loss there. We have conference call facilities in our major conference rooms so thanks to conference calling services, she could follow the meeting proceedings without having to be there. Technology rocks, eh?


  1. yeah, of course conference call can save all time and cost for travelling, if nothing is major.. anyway, if there's really a need to be present, i guess still have to fly there to be physically present..

  2. I couldn't agree more, SK.