Monday, August 22, 2011

A different kind of Bearings

I'm supposed to talk about bearings, of the hardware type like those in the image, but a different kind of bearings came to mind after a girlfriend's call. This girlfriend has just signed up for her company's treasure hunt. This year, they'll be heading south with Malacca as the destination. Last year, they headed east to Kuantan and the year before that, it was north, Lumut. So far, her team (usually of 4) has not won any prize yet. Hope they win something this year.

I haven't tried treasure hunting but another girlfriend who has joined several open treasure hunts earlier never tires of it. The ability to read maps, a keen sense of observation and a quick mind could be winning factors, I think, as they help in you getting your bearings right in an unfamiliar environment.

Talk about bearings, I once took a wrong turn coming out of Nilai, a town south of KL, and had to drive all the way to Seremban on the North-South Expressway because there is no allowance for a U-turn along that stretch of the highway. It was way past midnight when I got home. (Seremban is some 40 miles south of Kuala Lumpur which is usually an hour's drive.) That kind of explains why I haven't tried treasure hunting. LOL!


  1. Maybe PLUS heard your plea and opened up a 'U' turn right after paying the toll at Nilai toll. Its is a real pain in the butt and pocket to travel and at midnigt some more.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Bananaz. I must remember to make this turn the next time. :)