Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tour to Israel

Israel is the only country in the world Malaysian passport-holders are not permitted to visit by law. If you check your passport, you would have noticed the country stamped on it. However, all is not lost. There are Malaysians visiting Israel permitted on the grounds of pilgrimage, i.e., travelling as a church entourage.

For travellers who enjoy visiting historical sites, a Tour to Israel could be an adventure of a lifetime. Israel appeals to travelers on more levels than any other country in the world and for some, an Israel Tour could be a spiritual adventure. Israel goes back a long way in history and there are many places of interest, both ancient and contemporary.

Ayelet Tours, based in Albany, New York, has been bringing tens of thousand travellers to explore ancient biblical lands on their Israel tour excursions. They have been doing it since 1986. When you take a tour to Israel with them, you’ll get to see more than just landmarks and landscapes, you’ll truly have a chance to explore Jewish and Christian heritage under the guidance of experienced travel professionals and guides. You'll have a wide variety of tours to consider including Bar mitzvah tours Israel, Israel day tours, even adventures to Jordan and Petra as well as specially designed family tours.

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