Friday, August 26, 2011

World's 12 worst tourist traps

I was going down the list of CNNGo's World's 12 worst tourist traps reading it with bated breath hoping not to see any place in Malaysia being listed. Thank goodness, none listed. Some friends have signed up for a trip to Bangkok in November and one of these 12 tourist trap destinations is on their itinerary hitting the jackpot at the floating market in Bangkok. Kringgggggg!

Have you ever been to a place on a tour and at the end of it, found it a waste of time and money? See if you've been to any of these 12, in no particular order. Here are a few..

1. Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

2. Times Square, New York City, United States

3. Nanjing Dong Lu, Shanghai, China

4. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

5. All of central Tokyo, Japan

6. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Check out the rest of the World's 12 worst tourist traps and read why the author advised to, Cross off this devil's dozen of overpriced, underwhelming sites from your bucket list. Now!

Do you agree with the list or do you have any to share? Add yours in the comments.

Source: CNNGo


  1. Think it is quite a subjective topic just like food and we cant say its worst or best. See I have two couples going to Medan/Lake Toba tour one came back spitting on the floor and the other couple had a whale of time. Both on the same tour same hotel same food but two set of answers. Bananaz loves the floating market in BKK but some prefer Patpong instead. So how?

  2. and I do love Tokyo. :)