Friday, March 8, 2013

Another day in paradise - blue skies Kuala Lumpur

Today is yet another sunny day here in Kuala Lumpur, but I am not complaining. In certain parts of the world, such as in North America, in and around Chicago, snowstorms are disrupting everyday life; flights are being cancelled and people had to stay home to stay warm and safe. Road accidents due to poor road conditions had been reported. Lives have been lost too as a result.

In this weather here, the swimming pool is a welcome spot to cool down a bit, if one has access to a pool. Considering our tropical climate, most, if not all, outdoor pools here are non-heated but the water is somewhat warm in the evening/night so it makes for a comfortable dip then.

Nowadays, the trend in condominium facilities is to also incorporate a spa pool in the same vicinity where the swimming pool is. Sometimes I wondered if these spa pools are fitted with raypak heat pumps for that extra relaxing spa feel in the evening.

Talking about swimming pool, I'll be off to a poolside party this evening. No, no bikini nor swimming suit required.


  1. guess the "CNY weather" is delayed and just started now after CNY was over?? but thank god, it rained yesterday evening to cool down the weather..

    1. wink wink!! HappySurfer going to a poolside party!! kinky kinky~~ :p

    2. I was thinking the same, SK, except that we need strong howling winds to make it complete. But, I'm happy with just the sun. Bet you are too.

    3. SK, giving me ideas on the kinky bit? haha..

      You know what came to mind when I read that? I thought of Toby Leung's pool adventure with Ron Ng et al that got tongues wagging and in-laws upset. You read about that?

  2. Here I am, two days after you posted this - I had a crazy weekend - just to say that Tokyo's blue skies disappeared under a yellow-brown-grey cloud today. Opinions differ: some say it's the dreaded yellow dust from China, others say it's just ordinary dust. Though ... if not from China, then from where? It looked really ugly, but fortunately a very strong wind has blown it away again.