Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Frolics - The Sushi Chopstick Test

Here's a little quiz for Japanese food lovers or more precisely, sushi lovers. Maybe not. Everyone can take this simple Friday Frolics personality quiz. Go on, take The Sushi Chopstick Test and find out a little bit more about yourself.

Have a frolicking fabulous Friday, everyone!

HappySurfer Is Courageous

You attain mastery of whatever interests you. You are extremely sharp and a quick learner.

You are excited by knowledge, and reading is not enough for you. You like to conduct your own experiments.

You are a whimsical and idiosyncratic person. You embrace your quirks - they make you who you are.

You are inventive, creative, and completely ingenious. You are extremely gifted.

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  1. i chose the sushi roll with lots of ebiko.. and it says i am FUN but i am definitely not a party animal :p

    I have been called egotistical or arrogant, but the people who know me love me. I am vivacious and spirited. I live fully and well. I could be described as outgoing, social, and a bit of a party animal. I am a glass half full type of person. I see opportunities everywhere.

  2. Bananaz is REAL.. tQ have another great sunshine weekend.

    You are happy being yourself, and you strive to be honest above all else.
    You know who you are, and you're good with that. Too bad if no one else is.

    You are emotionally authentic at all costs. You let your true feelings be known.
    You enjoy every moment and every experience you are given. You see life as a blessing.

  3. lol sushi also got test?
    Simple Person also REAL..
    but I like to eat uni...