Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Kind of Leader Would You Be?

Are you already leading a team or aspiring to do so? This week's Friday Frolics quiz is about leadership and what kind of a leader would you be.  Take the quiz below to find out.

It's once again a hot, blue sky Friday morning here in Kuala Lumpur. Hope your day is, or would be, just as lovely wherever you are.

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Are a Democratic Leader

As a leader, you try to make decisions that benefit as many people as possible.

You know that you can't please everyone, but you do like to get everyone's input.

You are good at facilitating compromise and consensus. You meet people half way.

You may have the final say, but you don't want anyone to feel like you made an unfair decision.

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  1. same here, i am also a democratic leader.. but not yet~~ :D

  2. Laissez-faire, in other words, I don't want to lead and I don't want to be led. Very true!

    Have a lekker weekend! :)

  3. Sama sama You & SK..Have a great weekend tQ