Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Makes You Adorable?

Alright, you know you are adorable but what makes you adorable? Take the quiz to find out..

Happy Friday, everyone!

Your Nuttiness Makes You Adorable

The face you present to the world is a little zany and unpredictable. You keep people on their toes.

You're proud of your uniqueness, and you don't care if others think you're a little crazy. You're not exactly normal.

On the inside, you don't operate the same way as most people. You're not crazy, just not neurotypical.

Your mind works in interesting ways. When you get the same input as other people, you come to a very different conclusion.

Your friends love your nuttiness because you always present them with an interesting and alternative perspective.

Your theories and beliefs can sometimes be a bit out there, but you always enlighten and inform others in some way!

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  1. i picked the one covered with chocolate and topped with a nut, and it says my INTENSITY makes me adorable!! muahahaha :D

    The face I present to the world is one of determination, passion, and depth. I'm not fooling around! I give everyone and everything my all. I go all in because I feel like something worth doing shouldn't be done halfway. On the inside, I am less intense than I seem. I can truly be myself and savor the smaller things when I'm alone. And while I can have a larger than life persona, I really cherish my introvert time. I need it to recharge. My friends love my intensity because I am never dull or uninspired. There is so much that can be learned from me. I am always discovering new passions and and obsessions. And I can't help but tell everyone I know about them!

    1. SK, would you say this one is spot on? haha..

  2. Sama sama Adorable for Bananaz..

  3. Bananaz is adorable to go nuts & go bananas