Friday, June 21, 2013

Haze situation in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

Read Haze update on Sept 13, 2015

There's no escape from the haze. Even inside the air-conditioned office we can smell the pungent air from outside.

I was boasting to a friend in Singapore that our air here was not as bad as the PSI level in Singapore. That was the haze situation in KL yesterday afternoon. The sun was still shining through here in Kuala Lumpur and still is today but the Kuala Lumpur haze has got us today.

The air wreaks of smoke and visibility is a lot worse than yesterday. Better to stay indoors for those with asthma or breathing problems or other ailments that could be aggravated by the smog. My eyes are affected when I step outside.

The Star today reported that:

THE haze in Malaysia has once again reached dangerous levels.

It has now left only 13% of the country with good air to breathe while many schools in Johor have closed as Malaysians there took in the worst of it, so far.

In Kuala Lumpur, this Sunday's planned 2013 Olympic Day Run for 15,000 participants at Padang Merbok has been postponed, the co-organisers McDonald's Malaysia said.

The focus is on Muar as it reached a high API reading of 383 at 11am yesterday. More than 200 schools have been closed in Muar.

The haze in Muar recorded a ‘hazardous’ API of 383 at 11am - The Star

Singapore haze was bad yesterday and is not getting any better either as the PSI hit 378 as at 10am this morning when I read it but at 12:00 noon, the reading has shot up to 401 - another new high!
The Straits Times has this view from The Plaza on Beach Road at 11.15am on June 21

AsiaOne has this image of the Marina Bay Sands..

Needless to say, sale of face-masks is soaring both sides of the Causeway.

Stay safe..


  1. Even the Twitter-sphere in Japan is buzzing about the haze/smog/pollution in specifically Singapore. (Perhaps because there are so many Japanese expats in Singapore.) Ki o tsukete! Take care!

  2. Thanks! We're still okay in KL except for those with breathing problems. We still get sunshine here as the sun is still able to penetrate through the smog.

    Down south in Singapore and the southern states of Malaysia are seeing worse air quality as the burning is nearer their latitude. Twitter is abuzz, eh?

  3. year in year out same thing....nothing is new....:(

    1. Nothing will change if the same open burning is carried out every year. The hot weather is not helping either if hotspots are started that way.

  4. Wonder why no one bothers to put an end to this? This haze has happened for so long already and nothing is done. Meantime, Malaysians and Singaporeans suffer needlessly, and Indonesia has the nerve to call Singapore childish for complaining, and some idiot in Indonesia called the haze an act of nature! Can you believe how inconsiderate they are?!!