Sunday, July 14, 2013

Planet Waves and Japanese Art

Japanese poster in restaurant - Click on it to see a clearer image
Planet Waves. Heard it being brought up continuously from the table next to ours at dinner the other night. One of the best places to pick up new terms and new information has got to be in an eating place when conversations spill over (not always unwelcome though) from the next table. We were in a crowded popular restaurant downtown that serves a wide Japanese buffet spread and with great Japanese art-prints for decoration to boot, like the one shown here. Will be posting the rest of these art prints - they are too beautiful not to be sharing them. So, watch out for them.

Found out from the Internet that Planet Waves is a company reputed for manufacturing quality guitar cables and accessories including tuners, straps, picks, humidification products, cloths and polish products amongst others. Planet Waves products promise to be the most innovative professional musician’s tools available. It has been said that Planet Waves cables are built for life. I suppose the best place to shop for Planet Waves products is online. Duh! 


  1. The poster attracted my attention. Of course! :)